Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fishmen Are Coming!

The Mya release of ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN, delayed for a while, is around the corner. Rights issues related to Roger Corman's acquisition of the film (that would be re-edited and released as SOMETHING WAITS IN THE DARK and, later, SCREAMERS) have been resolved.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Avalanche of November Releases!

Mya is projecting street dates of six releases on November 24: HUMAN COBRAS (L'UOMO PIU VELENOSO DEL COBRA), Laura Gemser's film debut THE REAL EMANUELLE (AMORE LIBRO), THE CRICKET (LA CICALA), LADY MEDIC (LA SOLDATESSA ALLA VISITA MILITARE; Edwige Fenech stars), Joe D'Amato's THE LAST DECAMERON, and THE HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (EL JOROBADO DE LA MORGUE; Paul Naschy stars). I'll be discussing each film in the weeks to come.