Sunday, January 12, 2014


We return. Sort of.

Well, if Mya has ceased releasing DVDs, its cousin One 7 Movies continues on. The newest release from One 7....

BRUTALIZATION is actually a Dutch-Belgium film known previously as BECAUSE OF THE CATS. Here's the trailer to that film:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mya Returns!

Apparently it was the search for a new distributor that held up Mya releases.

Currently, and subject to change, the schedule for new releases is the following:


DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES should be released on October 18th, after a delay of a few months, while LADY FOOTBALL, another delayed release, should street on November 15th.

Monday, March 28, 2011

More "One 7 Movies" -- But Where and When?

One 7 Movies' releases of two Joe D'Amato films, which should have streeted by now, appear not to be visible, even on the horizon, sharing the same current fate of projected Mya DVD releases. lists SEX AND BLACK MAGIC as "temporarily out of stock," while SEXY PIRATES is not even listed.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming in March, April and May

Mya's DVD releases now come once a month. The following are the latest forthcoming releases:

DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (LA MOGLIE GIOVANE) is a 1974 film directed by Giovanni d'Eramo and starring Marisa Mell, Farley Granger and Helga Line. The single review on the IMDB is complementary:

[Abridged review]: "This is a very obscure Italian giallo that I'd previous only heard of via the trailer in '42nd Street Forever' (a trailer that made it look like a police action film as I recall!). This is actually an old-fashioned giallo. Marisa Mell is a young woman who comes to Rome and soon drifts into de facto prostitution in order to survive. She meets a misanthropic doctor and would-be poet (Farley Granger), but soon falls in love with another man. Murder ensues.... This is worth checking out."

The Italian-Spanish film is also known as SAVAGE CITY. Coming in March.


SALON MASSAGE is a 1972 German film, MASSAGESALON DER JUNGEN MADCHEN, directed by Eberhard Schroder. Looks to be a sexy comedy. Coming in April.

The film saw theatrical release as MASSAGE PARLOR '73:


And finally....

LADY FOOTBALL. Another sexy comedy, this time from Italy and director Italo Martinenghi. 1979. Coming in May.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


The first issue of my horror-mystery-fantasy film magazine, LATARNIA FANTASTIQUE INTERNATIONAL, is out now, with features on euro-cult films and personalities that may be of interest to readers of this blog:

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism
Naschy Returns in Dual Role
Spirit Mountain by Becquer
The Many Faces of Barbara Steele
The Andres Resino Interview

Number 1 is a limited first edition limiting printing of 250 copies, all-color, 24 pages on 80 pound paper. Ordering info:

USA: Cost of issue is $7.50, plus $2 first class shipping/handling and bagging for a total of $9.50.

Canada: Add .50, for a total of $10.

Foreign: $11.50 total.

If you want your magazine boarded, please add $2, but that doesn't guarantee that postal delivery will not find a way to bend it.

Note: Once stock starts getting depleted, cost per issue will probably go up.

PayPal ID for payment:

Snail mail: M. Lipinski, PO Box 2398, NYC, NY 10009. Please make check/money orders payable to M. Lipinski.

There's also a Facebook page for the magazine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coming in February 2011

This is a fairly new film--from 2005. Certainly the most recent film that Mya has put out on DVD. Trailer below.

TRAILER Ufficiale

chiamami salomè | Myspace Video

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mystery of ONE 7 MOVIES

Four DVDs were recently announced coming from a new company--One 7 Movies--SCANDALOUS GILDA, ALIEN FROM THE DEEP, CHINESE KAMASUTRA, THE SINS OF MADAME BOVARY. All Italian films or, in the case of THE SINS OF MADAME BOVARY, partially Italian. The cover design replicated Mya's, as did the policy of offering Italian audio but no English subtitles for the Italian audio if an English audio track was present. So what's going on? The official word from Mya was "no comment," but a sheet from distributor CAV that came with the review mailings of SCANDALOUS GILDA indicated a Mya connection:

It is our privilege to introduce a new label to the U.S. marketplace. One that builds upon the best traditions of Italian and European cinema, and is certain to gain cult status in the states quickly.

One 7 Movies was founded by one of the original partners of Mya Communications and No Shame Films. Expect the most classic, the most cutting edge, and the most sought after comedies, thrillers, science fiction epics, erotica, and much more...

All films have been beautifully transfered [sic] from original vault materials, and sleeve art design is eye-catching to say the least.

[Hat-tip: Matt Bauer at AVManiacs]

So there you have it, if that explains anything really. These days there seems to be more and more mystery behind the upstart companies bringing out foreign cult DVDs. I expect the "original vault materials" will be PAL DVDs. Ah, well....

Oh, and these are priced $5 to $10 more than the already high-priced Mya DVDs (whose newer releases had a price reduction to $19.95). The One 7 DVDs will be going for $29.95, unless you find a cheaper online retailer.