Monday, September 28, 2009

Mya's January 2010 Releases

Mya's January 2010 releases have been announced: BLADE OF THE RIPPER (previously available in a now OOP NoShame release as THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH), DESIRABLE TEACHER, SEX ADVICE and SATAN'S WIFE. I'm particularly looking forward to SATAN'S WIFE, otherwise known as RING OF DARKNESS. A Pier Carpi film, it stars Anne Heywood, John Phillip Law, Marisa Mell, with music by Stelvio Cipriani. Satanism and nudity Italian style. The cover art for this is most suggestive...with that phallic-looking thumb placement.


  1. Don't know this one - looks promising, phallic thumbs n' all!

  2. strange they announce this - just days after a double dvd fan made edition is released.

    fan edition :
    dual language english/italian with eng subs
    87min composite

  3. Mya certainly has added a few titles to their release slate just after a fan made SE circulates. As well as giving them some free advice, monitoring the fan communtiy ( if that's what they are doing ) isn't a bad way to predict what people are interested in.

    The English dub job for RINGS is terrible, so in this instance I don't mind them no tincluding an existing English track. The cast has some big names, but most are wasted, particularly John Phillip Law. Lara Wendel, fresh off the ultra controversial Maladolescenza ( Ring was filmed in 1977 and went unreleased until 1979 ) and was 14 or so during filming. I have not seen any mention made of her risque nude scenes ( she has a naked wrestling match with an equally unclothed Anne Heywood ) but it certainly adds to the overall sleaze vibe this film radiates. In fact, the whole affair is in poor taste and should not be approiached as a serious Omen type rip off it horror pretends to be.
    I am glad Mya is releasing this and hope for a solid DVD, the film is a guilty pleasure all around and the best of the existing VHS sources ( the Italian tape ) leave lots of room for improvement.

  4. i hope they've managed to secure a better source for the missing scene , the flemish print was of awful quality from where the missing scene was took , it had to be very heavily filtered for the fan composite , which also includes dvd branching tech to play either with or without the low quality scene.
    And as john above states the English dub especially for Lara Wendel is awful.
    I'm the creator of the fan project so i hope MYA have managed to source better working materials