Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming in March, April and May

Mya's DVD releases now come once a month. The following are the latest forthcoming releases:

DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (LA MOGLIE GIOVANE) is a 1974 film directed by Giovanni d'Eramo and starring Marisa Mell, Farley Granger and Helga Line. The single review on the IMDB is complementary:

[Abridged review]: "This is a very obscure Italian giallo that I'd previous only heard of via the trailer in '42nd Street Forever' (a trailer that made it look like a police action film as I recall!). This is actually an old-fashioned giallo. Marisa Mell is a young woman who comes to Rome and soon drifts into de facto prostitution in order to survive. She meets a misanthropic doctor and would-be poet (Farley Granger), but soon falls in love with another man. Murder ensues.... This is worth checking out."

The Italian-Spanish film is also known as SAVAGE CITY. Coming in March.


SALON MASSAGE is a 1972 German film, MASSAGESALON DER JUNGEN MADCHEN, directed by Eberhard Schroder. Looks to be a sexy comedy. Coming in April.

The film saw theatrical release as MASSAGE PARLOR '73:


And finally....

LADY FOOTBALL. Another sexy comedy, this time from Italy and director Italo Martinenghi. 1979. Coming in May.


  1. I preordered Death Will Have Your Eyes on Amazon a few months ago. I just got an email from them saying that they are cancelling the order. Has it been postponed?

  2. It appears so at this point.

  3. Is Mya going out of business, or were they hit hard by the Italian earthquake a while ago?

    Michael A. Johnston

  4. SALOME is the last film that has streeted from them. I was told a while back that Mya's releases will continue, but I'm not that sure now.