Friday, July 10, 2009

Mya's October Releases

There's no stopping Mya! Scheduled to street October 27 are the following titles: EVIL FACE (LE AMANTI DEL MOSTRO, 1974), FAMILY SCANDAL (PECCATO ORIGINALE, 1980)and GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE (UNA NOTTE AL CIMITERO, 1987).

Let's take a look at the first of these future releases--EVIL FACE.

The DVD artwork is a combination of an Italian locandina for LADY FRANKENSTEIN and poster work for the Jess Franco film, JACK THE RIPPER. Below is the original locandina for the film, which certainly would have been effective:

The Italian poster looked like this:

The English translation of the Italian title is LOVER OF THE MONSTER. I'm not aware of it ever being titled EVIL FACE. The film is directed by Serigo Garrone, the infamous director of S.S. EXPERIMENT CAMP, and was shot back-to-back or concurrently with THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD (LA MANO CHE NUTRE LA MORTE), with which it is sometimes confused. Amusingly, several of the names of the characters--"Polanski," "Ivan Rassimov"--are in-jokes.

The website Santo & Friends states:

"A beautifully shot gothic horror film starring Kinski who gives a excellent and sympathetic performance. The cinematography and music do much to enhance a captivating story. Dutch actress Katia Christine is exceptionally gorgeous as Alex’s unloving wife."


  1. This does actually look like it could be a good one, Mirek. But it appears Mya's release record isn't going to well, quality-wise. Seems for every good release, there's about 5+ that are mediocre. What's your take on that? And, have you heard any good news or info from Mya directly lately? Are you able to give them feedback to help them improve their future releases? Thanks for the blog, too.

  2. I've already notified Mya about a few problematic releases in regard to occasional motion problems, and the response was that the authoring house sets the frame rate back to the original 24fps from the higher speed masters and that progressive scan is always on. I was asked to specifically pinpoint the problem, via time-code, which I will do as soon as I have the opportunity. So at least Mya has been alerted to the problem.

    And thanks for the good word about the blog, Ben.