Friday, January 22, 2010

SATAN'S WIFE preview

I'm working on a review of Mya's latest release, Pier Carpi's SATAN'S WIFE (aka RING OF DARKNESS). Here's preview of part of the film. The Mya release contains English audio, as well as Italian. Quality is about the same as this YouTube clip. Music by Stelvio Cipriani.

The young girl, Daria (Laura Wendel), has increasing Satanic powers, which her mother Carlotta (Anne Heywood), one of Satan's brides, wishes to temper. Marisa Mell, as a black arts adept, also appears in this preview.


  1. i have a couple versions of the film
    one is missing a scene crucial to the plot where the women piss off the devil, hopefully Mya has at least the complete version
    the quality does not look very hot in that you tube clip:(

  2. John, how do they piss off the devil? I can tell you if that scene is there.

  3. so, this is another video transfer or is it from film elements?

  4. A video transfer is what it looks like.

  5. The YouTube clip actually looks better than the MYA DVD transfer I just purchased from Amazon! :(