Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LUST update

I've been informed by the official powers that be that Mya's release of LUST is NOT Polselli's OSCENITA. Rather the film is TORINO CENTRALE DEL VIZIO (TURIN, HEADQUARTERS OF VICE), a 1979 "poliziesco" directed by Bruno Vali (with Polselli the uncredited director according to the IMDB). The film stars frequent Polselli actress, Rita Calderoni.

Trash Online's bootleg of this title describes: "Super-rare, almost lost film by Bruno Vani and co-directed by the late, great Renato Polselli. It is interesting to see how a filmmaker like Polselli does in the crime/police genre. What you can expect is a film full of violence, sleaze, rape, nudity and various sexual situations. Mastered from impossible-to-find materials, this is a fair quality print."

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  1. Now I am looking more than ever to the realise of this movie!