Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing in Non-Action: The Last Decameron

This seems to have passed under the radar, but Mya's projected release of Joe D'Amato's THE LAST DECAMERON (SOLLAZZEVOLI STORIE DI MOGLI GAUDENTI E MARITI PENITENTI - DECAMERON NÂș 69) has been canceled, no reason given. This was supposed to have been number 37 on Mya's schedule, with an announced street date in November, 2009.


  1. Was really looking forward to this one... I wonder if it will ever surface?

  2. Yeah, certainly one of D'Amato's most accomplished movies.
    I was looking forward to it too. There apparently were some copies on eBay at one point, but I can't be sure, since they were sold out within hours and I didn't manage to get one.
    Let us hope this will resurface one day.