Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming in June 2010

LUST is Renato Polselli's 1980 QUANDO L'AMORE E OSCENITA. A review on the IMDB summarizes: "A group of people come together and talk about transgressive sexual subjects. This is inter-cut with often graphic sex scenes involving rape, torture, bestiality, lesbianism, masturbation and other subjects you may or may not be able to think of."
[See 3/9/2010 "LUST update"]

Mya releases of Sergio Martino's film work continues with two more titles:

NAKED OBSESSION is SPIANDO MARINA (1992), which already had an Italian DVD release. Coming from the catalog of Diana Films, it should be in good quality. UPPERCUT MAN (1987, Italian title: QUALCUNO PAGHERA?) is also known as THE OPPONENT. A boxing drama with Daniel Greene, Keely Shaye Smith, Guiliano Gemma and Ernest Borgnine, it had a video release in the United States in 1993. Keely Shaye Smith, btw, is now Mrs. Pierce Brosnan.


  1. Although, the picture quality of the movies may differ, the covers of Mya are excellent and often very well done! You can see that they make the effort to make something out of it and not do a rushed job or some kind of cut and paste like so many movies producers do at this time!

  2. Judging by the MYA synopsis for LUST it would appear it is actually Polselli/Vani's TORNIO CENTRALE DI VIZIO and not OSCENITA'.

  3. You are right, Stephen! (See today's post.)