Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm preparing a major review of THE LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE, the latest DVD from Mya, which seems to be doing well, having sold out at least in the renowned Kim's Video Store, here in Manhattan. Meanwhile, below is the American trailer for the film, which was released in the States as THE FEMALE BUTCHER.

Regarding the music experiment I placed on the blog, and the poll asking readers' opinion of it, 40% liked it very much, 20% weren't bothered by the music, while the remaining 40% nixed the idea in some form. I myself was having troubles, going in and out of posts, updating them, and having the same song replayed whenever I would move away from the main page. And the music conflicted with any YouTube clip. I still may do something with euro-music, but have it as a separate blog that people could listen to at their wish and convenience.

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  1. Just caught this - great movie. Just what I needed after the disappointment of 'Scorpion with Two Tails'!