Monday, June 8, 2009

Mya's September releases - LUCIFERA, DEMON LOVER

Good stuff coming up from Mya in September--all horror/exploitation related. First up is LUCIFERA, DEMON LOVER. This 1972 film, directed by Paolo Lombardi, stars Edmund Purdom and Rosalba Neri. The original Italian title is L'AMANTE DEL DEMONIO. The single review on the IMDB acclaims: "Wonderful Pop-realistic masterpiece, with one of the best Rosalba Neri's performance." The trivia comment is: "Rosalba Neri was really scared shooting this horror movie." Midnight Video's promo reads: "Rosalba and two girlfriends visit a remote mansion where she comes across a portrait of a woman who looks much like her. While sleeping, she has dreams of this woman's (her) past which include: cave dwelling rapists, sadistic vampires, inquisition and a mysterious red-hooded, cloaked, disappearing swordsman. An extremely obscure, haunting and hypnotic film with beautiful scenery and photography that is a must for Rosalba Neri fans. An excellent film in original Italian dialog (never available in English spoken)."

As noted by Rogerio Ferraz over at (hat tip to "bdc"), the artwork is taken from a Lucifera fumetti (with additional breast covering), which may be the first time a fumetti cover has been employed for a DVD cover. (Fumetti artists were notorious for taking images from films and other artwork, so that's why you see the familiar face from Freda's THE GHOST in there.) The connection with the fumetti is unclear at this point.

And here's a clip from this film:

Later addition: Below is the opening credit sequence. Nice euro-music from Elvio Monti. What's interesting is there's no mention of the film being based on the Lucifera fumetti (in fact, the source is given as a Grand Guignol tale), indicating to me that there's no connection between the two, aside from the title given this DVD release. What I think happened is that the Lucifera fumetti was apparently subtitled "L'amante del demonio," hence the confusion. The Lucifera adults-only comic began in 1971 and ended in 1980. The character was created by Giorgio Cavedon; the illustrations were done by Leone Frollo, Edoardo Morricone, and others.

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